Darkest Boy Alive

Darkest Boy Alive


Luis Mijangos a.k.a Darkest Boy Alive starts his journey in music at an early age learning to play guitar, bass and singing and putting it to test on the school stage and jamming sessions, influenced mostly by rock and it’s many faces.

In the year 2012 he had the opportunity to join a magical family in Tulum, led by the legendary Katerholzig club from Berlin who got to to the task of creating an oasis of music and love at Papaya Playa Project. This experience brought him to head to Berlin, where he recorded and performed a series of summer shows as a bass player with an electronic/soul band called ”Dear-Us”, and an experimental drone band formed by Hugo Capablanca and friends, with whom he played the
stages of Katerholzig, Prince Charles and Raum 20.

After this he decided to move to Playa del Carmen where he started recording and releasing tracks with producers such as Audictive, Muan, Sammy Dee, Bastard Love and Pedro Costa. As well as putting together a Live Act called ”Moonlight Shapes” which brought him to work with labels such as Born in Mexico, Sleazy Deep, Delay Records, Chrom Recordings and Perphetual Studios among others.

His deep and eclectic style has gotten him to share booth with artists such as Tone of Arc, Mira, Kolombo, Esther Silex, NU and play at venues in Mexico like Papaya Playa Project, Gitano, Canibal Royal, Diablito Cha Cha Cha, Kin Kin and more.

And outside of Mexico at Bushwick A/V in New York and in Berlin at Kateholzig, Prince Charles, Golden Gate and Raum 20. He regularly performs and lives in Puerto Vallarta where he is a resident at Casitas Maraika and a half of another project called Claroscuro with DJ Liam Fitzgerald.