Ce Bon Vieux Joris

Ce Bon Vieux Joris


Get ready to embark on a musical journey with Ce Bon Vieux Joris, a passionate French DJ hailing from Lyon, France. Enjoying the art of house music and drawing inspiration from legends like the Blessed Madonna, Riva Starr, Lovra, and many more. With a fervent love for dancing rhythms and an innate wish to make his audience sing along, Ce Bon Vieux Joris aims to create unforgettable moments where all your worries melt away.

But what sets Joris apart from other DJs is not just his musical prowess. Instead of venturing into music production like many of his contemporaries, he has chosen to explore a different avenue by creating lighting objects designed to enhance the experience of DJs all over the globe. These lighting appliances from LeskLights promise to elevate the party atmosphere to new heights.

Ce Bon Vieux Joris” invites you to join him on this unforgettable journey whether you’re a devoted house music lover, a dedicated dancer, or simply someone looking to forget your worries. Let the music, the lights, and the electric energy of keun joo take you to a place where all that matters is the rhythm of the moment.